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The AI Data Schema Transformer

The GLASS project introduces a middleware component namely “The AI Data Schema Transformer” that specialises in identifying and mapping data schemas within different types of systems and architectures and interprets them accordingly among, either centralised or distributed, heterogeneous and non-standardized systems.

This approach enables a capacity for public organizations and private entities such as businesses and initiatives to integrate their operational environment within the GLASS network and leverage the services offered towards enabling interoperability between users, cross-border and cross-sector organisations.

The AI Data Schema Transformer” is driven by the motivation to establish a harmonised EU interoperability framework. Specifically, it aims to act as an intercommunication layer trained to identify the underlying data structures from external systems, recognise and map their internal data schemas and interpret the information exchanged in a system understandable format. The AI data schema transformer enables interoperability among cross-border organisations, systems, modules, databases and data to dynamically adapt to the interconnected functionalities and enable information sharing among the stakeholders.

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