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  • Konstantinos Latanis

Analyzing transactions in GLASS

The Analytics Module in GLASS constitutes the component that enables the execution of analytics on the transactions performed over the GLASS ecosystem. Through dedicated dashboards, it facilitates the provision of the analytics results to the GLASS administrators for monitoring purposes without revealing any personal or sensitive data of wallet users. The Analytics Module also allows the exploration of transactions in the distributed spaces of GLASS in a privacy-respecting manner by the GLASS administrators.

In more detail, the functionalities of the Analytics Module are the following:

  • Execution of transactions’ analytics: The Analytics Module allows the performance of analytics on the transactions that are stored in the distributed spaces of the GLASS system. Information on transactions’ data such as the number of registered GLASS wallet users, the transaction timestamp and the related documents’ type is derived and useful metrics are produced.

  • Visualization of analytics results: The Analytics Module presents the results of the transactions’ analytics to the GLASS administrators through dedicated dashboards without revealing any personal data of the wallet users. Using various graphs, the GLASS administrators can effectively monitor the operation of the GLASS platform by acquiring a better understanding of the executed transactions. Filtering options are also available for further refinement of the analytics results.

  • Exploration of transactions: The Analytics Module facilitates the searching of transactions by the GLASS administrators with the use of specific keywords regarding information such as the document owner country or the document type. Sorting of searching results is also available through different options.

  • Safeguarding of analytics information: The Analytics Module assures the security and privacy of transactions’ analytics. While presenting the analytics results to the GLASS administrators that can see all the public transactions performed in the GLASS system (i.e. public ledger channel), the Analytics Module does not provide any access to the actual documents included in these transactions and to the personal data of wallet users participating in these transactions. In addition, the Keycloak implementation for the user management of the Analytics Module ensures that only the assigned GLASS administrators will be authorized to view the GLASS transactions’ analytics.

  • Fast performance of transactions’ analytics: The Analytics Module employs the necessary algorithms that ensure the quick execution of analytics on transactions’ data that reside in the distributed spaces of the GLASS platform.

As the demonstration activities of GLASS project are progressing, the Analytics Module will enable the monitoring of the transactions performed by the demonstrators, allowing the GLASS administrators to have a comprehensive view of the operation of the GLASS system in a privacy preserving manner.

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