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GLASS for Citizens


GLASS as an eGovernance paradigm aims to become more responsive to the needs of the citizens, ease the interaction of citizens with governments and increase the participation of citizens in public policies.

GLASS is designed to maintain a common methodology, providing a similar user experience whether dealing with the Public Sector, Private Sector or other citizens. 

The citizen is placed at the centre of its own data, attributes and evidence. No matter who the citizen liaises with, the citizen can choose what information is released to its counterparty. 


The Citizen at the Centre of its Data

GLASS will support the inclusive by design policy of the EU and address the different needs of EU citizens of special groups, such as elderly, people with disabilities or people with limited digital knowledge. It will provide services to people who have limited online presence, increasing the overall number of participants in the network, thus improving the user experience for everyone and delivering more services, more often. The framework takes into consideration the main obstacles that prevent citizens from digital services, which are the ability to actually go online, the ability to use the Internet, as well as the lack of motivation and trust to use digital services; and offers these services through easy-to-use, user-friendly mobile apps.

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