Project Deliverables

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Deliverable 8.1

Dissemination and Communication Plan and Website

This document defines the dissemination and communication strategy for the GLASS project.

GLASS will provide a distributed framework for sharing common services of public administrations across the EU for citizens, businesses and governments. It will create a new paradigm for the sharing and transfer of personal information, with the citizen in control.

The first sections of this deliverable define the objectives and context of “WP8 dissemination and communication” in the context of the project. It defines the high-level strategy, as well as its scope and target audience. The dissemination plan, details the different classes of stakeholders to which the project is focused, being split between those focussed on technical issues, and those supporting the demonstrator use cases, including those stakeholders with reach to large memberships and audiences, such as SMEs and citizens. This document defines key messages for each class.

Submitted but not yet approved

Deliverable 3.1

Use Case Definition and User Requirements

This deliverable collects the requirements for the GLASS eWallet from the demonstrator real cases, where each demonstrator has two pilot partners, representing both ends of cross-border data exchange, and aggregates them into a comprehensive list and activity diagrams that will guide the development from both methodological and technical perspective. The ultimate goal is to define a citizen-centric platform and identify, derive and define user (citizen) needs by transforming the business use cases (real-cases) into GLASS system use cases and evaluating with end-users’ expectations.

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