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Project Deliverables

Click on the deliverable number to open a downloadable PDF of the document (Approved deliverables only)


Project Management Manual

The Project management manual is a handbook for all Consortium partners,which includes an overview of the responsibilities of each partner, templates and set of documentation for the management process, quality checks and procedures for all deliverables and the internal and external review processes.


Legal-Ethical issues and Guidelines

The document that follows includes D1.2, presenting the Legal and Ethics Manual of GLASS project, issued to assure the ethical assurance, the gender equality, and the compliance with national and EU legislation.It is structured in three main sections; initially presenting GLASS Compliance with EU and National Regulations, then highlighting the Ethics Competent Bodies of the project and all requirements as identified in the Ethics WP9 and respective deliverables. The last section is devoted to the strategy the project as a whole will follow, to enhance gender equality.


Data management plan

This deliverable introduces the initial data management action plan (DMP) and provides a general outline of the project policy for data management. GLASS DMP identifies the data types that will be used, collected and/or generated, and frames the overall guidelines regarding data collected and generated throughout the project implementation.


SotA Report & GLASS legal framework

This document provides a solid and well-documented baseline that will drive the implementation of the GLASS vision. It includes a thorough analysis of the current solutions and practices and best-of-breed technologies in eGovernment and eGovernance models. It reports on the outcomes of Task 2.1, whose main goal is to conduct a detailed analysis of the state-of-the-art (SotA) approaches proposed to transform public services and facilitate digital by default, cross-border by default, and interoperable by design services. It identifies the strengths and weaknesses of these approaches, and highlights possible gaps and missing services.


GLASS EU Legal Framework

This document describes the relevant legal frameworks and their characteristics; to assess their applicability to the GLASS project, at the infrastructural level or for specific use cases. It concludes with a summary of resulting legal requirements.


Government-to-All Specification List

The deliverable D2.3 “Government to all specification list” documents the activities undertaken under the framework of the Task 2.3 “Government to ALL (C-B-G) requirements and specification analysis” towards the consolidation and analysis of G2All services in the countries of the three demonstrators of the GLASS project (Turkey, Greece, Portugal).


Technical, Operational and InteroperabilitySpecifications

This document, presents the proposed methodology for extracting technical requirements for the GLASS solution and as such, documents the preliminary effort undertaken within the context of Task 3.2 “Technical, Operational and Interoperability Requirement Analysis”. The list of derived requirements are documented, together with involved roles and finer details, while also grouping the requirements in proper conceptual categories. A list of non-functional requirements is also provided, complementing the technical requirements of the GLASS solution and maps the technical requirements to components of the proposed conceptual architecture, as well as to use cases.


System Architecture - A

This document constitutes version A of the GLASS architecture and represents a first high-level view on the architecture, including a technical and component-driven GLASS use cases.


WaaS Challenges and SotA reports - A

This document outlines the challenges, the research problems and the scientific directions addressed in Work Package 4, along with the SotA report that will be the baseline for the design and development of the first prototypes of GLASS. This document researches the challenges of designing, developing and integrating the wallet back-end mechanisms in the GLASS network.


Dissemination and Communication Plan and Website

This document defines the dissemination and communication strategy for the GLASS project.

GLASS will provide a distributed framework for sharing common services of public administrations across the EU for citizens, businesses and governments. It will create a new paradigm for the sharing and transfer of personal information, with the citizen in control.

The first sections of this deliverable define the objectives and context of “WP8 dissemination and communication” in the context of the project. It defines the high-level strategy, as well as its scope and target audience. The dissemination plan, details the different classes of stakeholders to which the project is focused, being split between those focussed on technical issues, and those supporting the demonstrator use cases, including those stakeholders with reach to large memberships and audiences, such as SMEs and citizens. This document defines key messages for each class.


Interim Report on Dissemination and Communication Plan

This document reports the detailed dissemination and communication activities, undertaken during the first year of the GLASS project (January 1st 2021-31stDecember 2021) following the strategy described in the deliverable “D8.1 Project Dissemination and Communication Strategy”

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